Using the craft of yesterday
And the technology of today
To write the story of tomorrow

Axios specializes in pairing skilled craftsmanship with cutting edge technology by mixing innovative, high tech design with traditional fabrication. Our work has been featured in museums, film & television sets and numerous displays. We also collaborate with artists to bring their visions into reality.

Utilizing techniques ranging from traditional carpentry to more contemporary methods like 3D printing and CNC fabrication, we can work with you to develop the perfect concept to execute your vision. We bring classic design to the forefront of technology with prototypes incorporating custom programming, robotics, and creative interfaces.

Axios is based in Brooklyn and serves clients worldwide. We are passionate about collaborating on creative projects and producing exceptional work. Call us for a consultation and estimate.


Courtland Premo

Courtland Premo is a self proclaimed technological polytheist who's worked his way through avant garde theatre, independent filmmaking and comedic television. He loves nothing more than the challenge of leveraging old and new school technology to help storytellers bring their ideas into the tactile world.

David Yepez

Founder and principal of Axios, David Yepez is a designer and master fabricator. After earning his degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York, David began building a team of forward-thinking, highly skilled craftsman with a passion for great design. Under his leadership, Axios has earned a reputation as an innovative problem solver in the industry.  

Our Fabricators

Growing up with a passion for Tinker Toys, Legos and Erector sets, we are people who love to build, work with our hands, and find innovative methods to bring our clients’ creations to life. We pledge to bring our passion to your project.

Our specialists are traditionally trained to work in the media of wood, metal, stone and fabric, while also incorporating modern techniques of 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC manufacturing, mold making, LED lighting installations, robotics, animatronics, special effects, and Arduino programming.