Lean Cuisine Diet Filter

We were contracted by 360i to design and build diet filters for Lean Cuisine’s holiday branding program. The campaign’s goal was to demonstrate how much the word “diet” is used in media and advertisements during the post holiday season. 

We designed the outer shell and manufactured it with a 3d printer, finishing it with lacquer paint. The internal workings satisfied four goals: first a program was designed to sift the closed caption feed, isolating the word “diet.” Next we recorded and played back the mute signal from the user’s remote control, then logged every instance of the word “diet.” The device displayed a counter of the word use on a screen on the front of the device, then muted the tv for 30 seconds any time the word was used, creating a dual sensory experience for the viewer. 

The device was distributed to five influencers throughout the country who were able to see the numeric counter change and experience silence whenever the word “diet” was used.




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