Wearable Brass Awards for Mad Musuem

For the Museum of Art and Design in New York, Axios NYC created wearable trophies in the form of sunglasses for the 2015 Visionary Award. Conceived and designed by artist Sebastian Errazuriz, these custom made, limited edition sunglasses were presented to four artists selected by the museum.

Axios NYC began the process with iconic RayBan Wayfarers, disassembling the glasses and making moulds of each piece, The pieces were then cast in solid brass which was then ground and polished. Each pair was laser-engraved with the museum’s logo and the recipient’s name. The bases were crafted from wood and brass and a laser-engraved plaque. Recipients wore their awards for a photo shoot, to become in the words of the Sebastian Errazuriz, "the coolest guys in the room.”