Sebastian Errazuriz for Wanted Designs

Axios was engaged to execute a sculpture for Sebastian Errazuriz, designer and conceptual artist, for the Wanted Designs Fair at Industry City, Brooklyn, New York. The sculpture, entitled 20th Century Capital, was a 30’ long 20’ tall anatomically correct golden idol to be suspended as a piñata that would be broken open during the closing party at the conclusion of the fair.

Axios’ challenge was to create a sculpture that was light enough to be suspended but durable enough to resist weather conditions. Axios utilized post and beam construction to create the skeletal structure and designed plywood cutouts to form the shape of the bull. Medium density foam was used to emulate the musculature and plastic shrink-wrap was used to form the skin. Finally, the body was wrapped in gold Mylar. Details such as the horns and head were hand sculpted.

A crane was commissioned to hoist the idol up over a courtyard between two buildings. When the stomach was broken open, 1,000 one-dollar bills spilled out. The idol was later repaired and reinstalled as a semi-permanent fixture at Industry City.



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